Welcome to Arts and Crafts by Elisa Rakel

Zebra Finch Bird Paper Cut Out Art


Welcome to Arts and Crafts by Elisa Rakel!

I’m an ecologist/artist based in Geelong, Australia and I create unique and quirky art, designed to be amazing gifts for special people. I love animals and nature and have been a literal tree hugger (I climbed trees with a ladder to check bird boxes for my field work), therefore this has a heavy influence on my work. Although I’ve always loved drawing and painting, the idea for this shop came a few years ago when I painted a set of Alice in Wonderland babushkas for a friend’s 21st birthday present. Not content with the traditional shape and restrictions of babushkas, I add 3D embellishments such as ears, tails, horns and spikes to my dolls to make them truly unique. I also love working with paper, and cut intricate designs into the shapes of animals (coming to the blog and shop soon).

On this site you’ll find my blog with pictures of what I’m currently working on, any relevant fun (or not so fun) environmental facts and tips, plus fun and easy tutorials (coming soon). You can also browse my shop to purchase my artwork. Please flick me an email with any questions or requests you might have (e.g. if you wanted a platypus instead of a Tasmanian devil babushka doll). I love custom orders, and am happy to design a piece just for you!

Happy browsing!

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