Fast Facts:

Oracle-Certified Java Developer

Oracle Certified Associate

QA Experience before starting developing

Logic experience before learning programming

Budding programmer eager to learn more!

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Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner

I'm Alex Wagner - a full-stack development student. I'm here to show you some of what I've done along with my credentials.


On February 17 I uploaded my first program to GitHub, a humble "Hello World" program. Since then I've continued to hone my skills and try my hand at more and more complex projects. I've since been using other languages and technologies to contruct my projects - some of them are listed below.


ChallengeChallenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is a full-stack application and our final project at Skill Distillery. Challenge Accepted is an app that lets people challenge other people to skills and games. Users can create and accept challenges as well as level up in different skills. NOTE: The site will ask for a login when opened, just cancel the prompt and continue as normal.

Puzzle Pieces Puzzle

This was our first full-stack group project - myself and three others worked on this for eight days. Puzzle Pieces is an app that provides a platform for puzzle lovers to exchange or lend puzzles they have already completed to other users. Users can find and rate puzzles and users, add puzzles to their inventory, and request other users for their puzzles.

Restaurant Picker Restaurant Picker

My girlfriend and I like to go out to eat, but we don't always know or care where we go - I decided to make a web app to pick for us. When a user makes an account, they can add restaurants to their profile, and then the app will pick a random restaurant, either for the whole list of restaurants or a random restaurant from a particular category (price, distance, or restaurant type). This was my first real full-stack CRUD app.

Tournament Tracker Tournament Tracker

This project was my first crack at integrating Javascript into a single-page webapp. I imagined the app would eventually be used to track tournament records, and the app can handle basic CRUD operations and basic aggregation. The app is still very rough - the goal was to become more familiar with Javascript and so I didn't spend time on things like CSS styling or clearing form inputs after submission, but overall I feel that this was a fairly successful first implementation of Javascript and in future projects I will feel more comfortable adding more optimized scripts.


Quick Points:

  • Two years experience as a QA tester before learning any programming
  • Bachelor's in Philosophy/History - a proven record of my ability to learn quickly and effectively
  • Strong work ethic
  • Can work independently or as part of smaller or larger teams

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