Springfields Motorbike Show

Springfields Motorbike Show

On January 20- 21 this motorbike show had thousands interested and many showed up. It was located in Springfields Events and Conference Center. Parking was free so you can expect that the next event they host in the upcoming years will also be free. It’s a nice thing to forget […]

How to Pick Your Motorcycle

How to Pick Your Motorcycle

So, you want to start riding a motorcycle! However, you find yourself a bit confused by the huge range of options and the unfamiliar nomenclature? In this article, you will find advice on how to choose your first motorbike. Choosing the motorcycle that is appropriate for you depends on what […]

Top 7 motorcycle brands – which are the best?


Do you have the money to buy a motorcycle but you are not sure which are the best brands on the market? We will try to clear things up by giving you a few ideas. As for the rest of enthusiasts who still can’t a afford a bike, here’s a […]

UK Bike Events Summer and Autumn 2017

UK Bike Events Summer and Autumn 2017

1. Wells Classic Motorcycle Club Tortoise And Hare Run The event will take place on June 4 and will feature a couple of runs: the ‘Tortoise Run’, will be for old, low-powered machines, one race will be for the ‘Hare Run’, and one for the ‘Snail Run’. It will be […]

UK Bike Events Winter and Spring 2017

UK Bike Events Winter and Spring 2017

The list below are some of the most popular motorcycle events in the United Kingdom. 1. Unwanted MCC’s Valetine Party This is an event that will take place on 11 February, before the Valentine’s day. Tickets are available to purchase with Paypal at £5. The event will feature Booze brothers […]



There are thousands of beautiful places to travel to with your motorcycle in the United Kingdom. The landscapes are just amazing and there is a lot to see and discover in this country. However, many British people travel to sport events this year, with their bikes or not. There is […]

Best motorcycle events

Best motorcycle events

Going to motorcycle events can be fun to do with friends and family. Here is a list of 5 best motorcycle events to go to if you like bike competitions or shows. 1. Isle of Man TT This is one of the best and biggest events in the UK. It […]

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There is one thing that comes second after buying a bike. Not riding it yet, but buying the protective gear. This is as important as just getting your own motorcycle and it can save your life if somehow you get in a crash. But there is one thing to keep […]

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Best motorcycles for city

Motorcycles are a lot better for commuting than a car or a bicycle. They are faster than cars when the streets are clogged, and faster than bicycles because they have motors. They are narrow and can weave through traffic. Below is a small list of 5 motorcycles that are stylish […]

Best motorcycles for traveling


Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy riding across the country together with other fellow bikers or just alone. Touring with friends is very nice activity to do who for people who have passion for motorcycles, and it is popular as well among the bikers communities. Below is a list with 3 of the […]