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Industrial IoT Hosting

Next generation monitoring, predictive maintenance, automated remote device triggering, and business intelligence from your industrial sensors.

Avimesa Device Cloud

Complete industrial IoT cloud hosting solutions tightly integrated with Avimesa’s family of hardware devices.

Avimesa Ecosystem
Full hosting including LAMP, DNS, email, and 24x7 support/monitoring.
Use Javascript on the cloud edge to pre-process sensor data before it is sent to a queue.
Developer API is queue based — simply read and write JSON messages to queues for complete access to in-the-field hardware.
Silver, Gold, Platinum, and custom plans available.

Avimesa hardware devices are designed to get your sensors connected quickly and securely, with rock-solid industrial reliability baked right in.

Avimesa Devices
Avimesa 1000
Avimesa 1000

Designed to connect with industrial 4-20 mA sensors, the Avimesa 1000 is an intelligent I/O device which provides connectivity to the Avimesa Device Cloud. The system has a highly power e cient and capable Cortex M4F processor that manages communication, measurement scheduling, sensor interface power control, and filtering of sensor data. The firmware is power-optimized, allowing for the use of battery power where needed.

Avimesa 1000
Avimesa 100

The Avimesa 100 is a plug-in card for the Avimesa 1000 that adds 2 relays to the system for control of both DC and AC-powered devices via connectivity provided by the Avimesa Device Cloud.