Your guide to online Store in an Easy way!

With the availability of thousands and thousands of online store out there, we understand that it can become such a mess to get exactly what you are looking for.  And even when you find something that you finally want, the issues with sizes, delivery, pricing policies and most importantly the prices make you want to […]


Looking for trendy apparels but under budget? Look no further!

The clothes that we choose to our more often than not gives us that confidence in ourselves. So, why not wear the trendiest clothes that would not only suit your personality and budget as well? You don’t really have to spend tons of money to look fashionable and to look trendy and Whaaky rightly proves […]


Shop for the best gifts online this festive season at the lowest rate ever!

Whaaky; an online store that is anything other than being the many many online stores out there. First of all, Whaaky brings to you products that are the day to day necessity from apparels, mobiles, accessories and other gadgets under one roof at an unbelievable rate. Isn’t that simply amazing? Finally, there is a site […]


The best online site for budget shopping

Well, there are so many viable options to choose from when it comes to shopping online. As of today, everything can be bought online, not just products but even hire services as well. But one much-needed attention hasn’t been quite given to people with limited budget. Everybody loves to shop, but not everyone might have […]

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Uses of Power Banks

As technology is advancing every day, mobile devices are becoming a part of our lives, which makes us use them for every purpose. This shortens the battery life i.e. before the end of the day. It can be quite a problem if you need to make an emergency call, or someone has to call you. […]


Offering the best shopping deals for students

      Problems while shopping from other online sites! What most of the online shopping sites don’t realize that although the students do want to be on the latest trend, and why not right! But the prices are not as pocket-friendly which obviously becomes an issue for the students. Feeling your problem, dear students, […]


Why is Power Bank so loved by travelers?

Although these days, the cell companies are striving to increase their battery power and they have been able to do some changes as well. But,Power bank with so much usage of cell phones and with never-ending applications that run on your cell phone, it becomes tough to sustain the power of your battery. A lifesaver […]


Power Bank – Charge on the go

A power bank is extremely beneficial. This is precisely why everyone is needing this lifesaving gadget. The power bank is the device you can fall back on when your phone backs off on you. Power banks come in all shapes and sizes. As technology is advancing every day, mobile devices are becoming a part of our […]


USB Features of power bank

The world has been constantly changing and there is a high demand for mobile devices. With the increase of popularity of this kind of gadgets, it’s only natural that there will be more requests for other things such as a portable power charger for your devices, which makes you on your toes every time. A […]


Find the latest, trendiest and most budget-friendly apparels

    Shopping for apparels which are trendy and in style can bring in so much of dilemma. Although, there are endless sites where to shop can be a big question for everyone out there. As some provide good apparels but the price is way too high, some provide discounts but the customer service is […]