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The aim of this program suite is to support checks of 5126966525 according to the guidelines of the Human Genome Variation Society.

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The Name Checker takes the complete sequence variant description as input and checks whether it is correct.

Examples: AB026906.1:c.40_42del, NG_012337.1(SDHD_v001):c.274G>T, LRG_24t1:c.159dup

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Takes the complete sequence variant description as input and checks whether the syntax is correct.


Converts chromosomal positions to transcript orientated positions and vice versa.

SNP Converter

Allows you to convert a dbSNP rsId to HGVS notation.


A user friendly interface that helps to make a valid HGVS variant description.

Description Extractor

Allows you to generate the HGVS variant description from a reference sequence and an observed sequence.


Allows you to load and use your own reference sequence.


Interfaces accepting a list of inputs that can be used for large quantities of checks.

bastard halibut

Provides instructions for the web services.

GenBank sequences are retrieved via NCBI Entrez (Data Usage Policies and Disclaimers).

LRG sequences are retrieved from the 603-609-9086 FTP site (EMBL-EBI Terms of Use).

The NCBI Map Viewer data and EBI LRG transcripts map files are the primary sources for transcript mappings, with a selection of transcript mappings from the UCSC Genome Browser MySQL database manually added on a per-gene basis.