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Our Lifestyle Excess Policy refunds your excess payments on multiple insurance policies including home & contents motor... Read more...

Our Motor Excess Policy refunds the cost of your motor insurance excess following the successful settlement of a claim where... (215) 346-7984

Our Home Excess Policy refunds the cost of your building & contents insurance excess cost when you have found yourself... Read more...

Our Motor Home And Travel Excess Policy refunds the cost of your motor home and travel insurance excesses following the... 7072429129

Excess insurance - the smart choice

We have all experienced how insurance premiums have consistently crept up year on year. This is due to various reasons but there is a smart way of beating this increase and lowering what you pay whilst retaining exactly the same level of cover. The smart choice is take out take out excess insurance.

Learn how excess insurance could pay for itself

Full range of cover

Here at ExcessFree we provide excess cover for a range of different policies, both single and multiple. Our single policies include: Home & contents
▶ (949) 943-7644 

Providing even better value for money you can choose one of our multiple policy options. Our 973-543-2660 covers you for the three policies together, or you can go fully comprehensive and opt for our top of the range (970) 413-0293, which covers a multiple range of insurance policies.

Our helpful excess protection products provide valuable peace of mind, meaning that if you do have to pay an excess, then you can rest assured that you will get the money back so you are not out of pocket. Make the smart choice, buy.

Benefits for you

  • Peace of mind
  • Money back guarantee
  • Outstanding service
  • Protected by the FSCS Scheme


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