Decking Fasteners


Know What To Buy There are many options when buying deck fasteners. Selecting the right one is key.

Get a Quote Find what you want and then shop around. A lot of decking companies will ship directly to you, just give them a call. Cut out the middle man and save!


"I had a brand new ipe deck and was in love with it, but after 2 years I was forced to completely redo the deck. It cost me tons of money. Wish I would have looked into what I was buying. I thought they were all the same, clearly I was wrong.

Don't cut corners with your deck or you'll pay the price."

- DeckWise Success Story

Ipe Clip: Leader in Deck Fastener Solutions

The Ipe Clip Fastener Company is now known as DeckWise, but they'll forever be Ipe Clip to me. Their fasteners are created for maximum holding power. In fact, DeckWise Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners use a hardened stainless steel insert embedded into a square shaped UV and chemical resistant polyethylene sleeve, that is guaranteed to last. Odds are it'll outlast your deck. Their standard hidden deck fasteners are also made with UV and chemical resistant polyethylene and are round in shape allowing for more tolerance when used in biscuit joint cuts. This allows you more freedom to build your deck the way you want.