The U.S. is recycling less than half its bottles and cans.* PepsiCo believes that bigger change starts with one bottle, with one person, with one action. You wouldn't mow just half of your lawn or groom half of your dog, so why not give 100 percent to recycling, too?

*American Beverage Association, 2014 Recycling Rates – Preliminary, November 30, 2015

Partnership is Power

We are building meaningful relationships in communities across the country to help protect nature, support disabled veterans, and make recycling more convenient and fun.

Recycle for nature

Recycle your bottles and cans to help protect
drinking water sources across the country.

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Recycle for veterans

Your simple act of recycling supports
the business dreams of disabled veterans.


Recycling in Action

We are working to provide local communities, schools and organizations with new and innovative recycling programs that raise awareness and help make recycling easier.

Recycle Rally Schools

The Recycle Rally Schools program helps teach K-12 students about the importance of recycling and improving our environment while offering the opportunity for valuable rewards and prizes to green their schools.

Greener College Campuses

PepsiCo Recycling is now offering expanded college and university programming to support campus' zero-impact journeys.

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Community Recycling

We have formed strategic partnerships in communities across the country to make recycling easier and more engaging.

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Bottle to Bottle

Check out how what you recycle today turns into the bottle or can you purchase tomorrow!