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What is Carbon Network?

Advancing the digital advertising industry by creating an open and transparent ecosystem of essential verification tools and data through the utilization of blockchain technology.
The Carbon Network aims to improve all aspects of brand safety in digital advertising:
3rd Party Measurement
Fraud / Non-Human Traffic
Brand Safety
Audience Demograhics
Master Terms and Conditions
Ad Blocking


The main component of the Carbon Network will be the decentralized verification node (dVN), which will run open sourced algorithms in order to continuously process and verify the data coming into the network.
Collaborative Open Anti-fraud Lattice (COAL) tokens are used to power the network and act as an incentive to encourage individual users to share their computing resources by running decentralized verification nodes (dVN) in order to process and verify digital advertising data.
The decentralized implementation of the Carbon Network allows verification techniques to scale easily and give it the capacity to expand on its verification features.


Carbon Network is an extensible platform that will support a full ecosystem.
Additional algorithms, data types, and functionalities can be added to the Carbon Network in order to generate and store many different types of outputs.
3rd parties can build services and tools around the Carbon Network, creating a full ecosystem.
Impression / Click Tracking
Contextual and User Analysis
Brand Safety and Ad Fraud
Carbon Network and dVNs
Real-time Services
Audience Targeting


COAL token launch Decentralized verification node (dVN) application launch
  Carbon v1.0 launch Carbon v2.0 native blockchain launch
July 2018 September 2018 October 2018 October 2019
2018 2019


Coming soon...


What is Carbon Network trying to accomplish?

Brand safety is currently one of the most prominent issues in digital advertising and is an existing issue that already has a large addressable market. The Carbon Network aims to solve the issues in brand safety by leveraging on blockchain technology.

What are decentralized verification nodes (dVN)?

dVNs run open sourced algorithms in order to continuously process and verify the data coming into the Carbon Network. The dVN’s main function is to receive data from the delegator smart contracts and process the data to produce an output. This output is then relayed back to the delegator smart contracts and written into the blockchain. dVNs provide the backbone of the Carbon Network, allowing data to be processed quickly, transparently, and at scale.

What are COAL tokens and how are they used?

COAL (Collaborative Open Anti-fraud Lattice) tokens are used to power the Carbon Network and act as an incentive to encourage individual users to share their computing resources by running decentralized verification nodes (dVN) in order to process and verify digital advertising data. dVNs can mine COAL tokens as they process and verify data in the network.

Are COAL tokens an ERC-20 token?

Yes. Carbon Network will be initially implemented on Ethereum as a series of smart contracts along with a stand-alone, open-sourced application called the decentralized verification node (dVN). The system will utilize an ERC-20 compatible token, COAL, which is used to incentivize dVN operators. At a later stage, Carbon Network will launch its own mainnet, at which time each ERC-20 COAL token can be exchanged 1:1 for a native COAL token.

Given the importance of accreditation and compliance in the digital advertising field, what plans do Carbon Network have in this area?

Carbon Network's innovative design that is built on blockchain technology will allow for operation while maintaining the highest standards of compliance with the industry’s existing best practices. Carbon Network plans to apply for iAB Tech Lab and the Media Rating Council accreditation at the proper stage of product development and growth. Aside from best practices and accreditation, part of the ICO proceeds will be devoted to hiring external auditing services to examine ITGC (Information Technology General Compliance) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

What partnerships does Carbon Network have?

At this point in time, Carbon Network will be piloted by iClick Interactive Asia Ltd., the largest online marketing platform in Asia and a Nasdaq listed company and backed by Asia’s leading ad verification company, RTBAsia. But, parnerships are an ongoing process; please stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Why Carbon and COAL?

Carbon is one of the most abundant elements and is a common element for the building blocks of all life. As such, we envision that the data in our ecosystem will become the building blocks of tools in the digital advertising industry.
Carbon is the main component in coal, which is a fitting name for the COAL (Collaborative Open Anti-fraud Lattice) token that we use as energy to power the network, as well as a pun for “mining” coal.
As a base compound, carbon can be used for air and water filtering and purification, analogous to our network’s filtering and purification abilities for advertising data.
The carbon atom’s unique abilities and strong bonds allow it to transform into multiple useful forms, such as graphite, graphene, and diamond.
Similar to how carbon can be converted to diamonds, a transparent and almost indestructible substance, in our vision, we create a verification ecosystem that transforms and produces immutable and transparent data for 3rd parties to consume and use to build other tools.

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Carbon Network is designed to fully adhere to existing best practices published by iAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and other industrial associations. Best practices and compliance requirements will be seamlessly integrated into smart contracts in order to provide full transparency and the necessary evidence for compliance auditing and accreditation from independent organizations.