Welcome to CityBusExpress!

Be ready to experience a first-class bus journey when you travel across Europe with CityBusExpress. The service of an airplane at the price of a bargain. This has been our successful business model since our foundation in 2014!

You are not just buying a bus ticket; you are ordering a full service experience not seen anywhere else in the industry.  During the journey we provide you with free drinks, including free beer, movies and WiFi connection. In addition your comfort in the bus will be guaranteed by our English speaking drivers, check-in steward and 24 hours customer service hotline.

Did you see our new Double Decker bus yet? Space, space and even more space to guarantee you a very comfortable trip!

Thank you for choosing CityBusExpress!

  • Purser on board
  • Less stops, super fast routes
  • Guaranteed the best price
  • Free drinks including BEER!
  • Onboard Wifi



January 28th, 2019

  Introduction: When is the best time of year to visit Amsterdam? it is certainly not the grey and doom winter! But is it the summer? Would you not expect the summer to be the best time of year to cruise the canals and windmills? After all frigid Holland is not known for its high … Continued


December 4th, 2018

Belgium, the surprise of Europe Travel plans to Europe? When traveling to Europe, Belgium is quite often not the first place that comes to mind. Most folks would prefer Paris, Berlin. Amsterdam or Rome. Apart from these city trip hot spots others may opt for the beautiful beaches of the Spanish Costa’s, the Greek Islands … 973-420-1076


November 7th, 2018

Enabling our disabled fellow Citizens to travel Introduction: Travel is not just for the elite, it is a civil right for everyone including disabled people. Unfortunately not all buildings and travel means are easily accessible for folks in a wheel chair. Improvements have been made globally but there is a long way to go. Wheel … Continued