With TrynTryn

Leave your misgivings behind and bring your family members and friends together to create your own private trusted support network.

Use your network to utilize your untapped skills and talents. Something you may always have dreamt about!

You can do this by using our varied skills database which includes skills like event management, baking, handicraft, home decor, pottery, photography and many more or suggest your own.

Constructive feedback never hurts anyone; so who better than your trusted family and friends to provide this and improve your skills.

And the icing on the cake is that you will be paid for using your skills.

You can choose to keep the payment or support your favourite charity .

Once you have gained experience within your trusted network, you can use our vast commercial network to test your skills in a commercial setup. For example you have done lots of baking through your TrynTryn network and been receiving consistent positive feedback, TrynTryn can put you in touch with commercial bakery.

We feel it is our values that define us; they are everything we are, everything we do and every way in which we do it. In everything we do we echo TrynTryn



We behave responsibly and deliver our best with full commitment to the welfare of our family and friends.



We believe respect emanates from respect. We communicate honestly and transparently while treating others the way in which we want to be treated ourselves.



We believe that our efforts will not only produce quality goods and services for our friends and family but for the community as a whole.



We believe that every relationship needs nurturing and therefore we encourage, support, appreciate, empower and strengthen all of our relationships.

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