Investment Strategy

Midwatch Capital is seeking to acquire and provide continuity of operations for small business owners looking to move to the next phase in their life.


Non-cyclical Revenue
Diversified Customer Base
Experienced Team
Clear Barriers to Entry


Industry Agnostic


$500K to $2.5 MM EBITDA
15-20% EBITDA Margin
Understandable Cost Structure
Predictable Working Capital


United States


Clear Motivation for Selling
Willing to assist with transition
Negotiable Structure

Midwatch Capital Investment Philosophy

Typically, officers stand a three section watch rotation at sea. This means they stand six hours of watch every eighteen hours. This makes four watches on a 24 hour cycle. The first watch is known as the midwatch. It runs from midnight to 0600. The Captain sleeps on the midwatch. Department heads try to sleep on the midwatch, and most of those standing watch wish they were asleep. Furthermore, Murphy’s Law seems to dictate that things most often go wrong on the midwatch. If the officers are lucky, there will be enough to have a ‘kicker.’ This officer stands watch at the same time every day and gives whoever would have been on watch a break. If the kick is on the midwatch, we call him the ‘midwatch cowboy.’
Despite the modern connotation of the word cowboy, this officer is the most competent on the ship. He must balance safety of ship with mission accomplishment: risk with reward. He must be bold, but not reckless. Prudent, but not passive. He has to continually assess his environment and possess the humility to admit when help is required. Finally, he must be capable of coordinating the actions of thirty sailors simultaneously. In order to achieve this, the midwatch cowboy must have the trust of the crew and the command. The safety of the ship, the mission, and the Captain’s career depend on the judicious decision making of this officer.
Midwatch Capital seeks to apply this same philosophy of trust and prudence to small business acquisition and operations. For small business owners, we recognize that your business may well represent a significant portion of your life’s labor. We recognize your employees and their future matter to you. Finally, we understand that transitions in life are inevitably bittersweet. We would like to earn your trust and grow your legacy. 
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