Introducing, Civility

A mobile application to foster accountability by creating a vehicle to:

  • Easily rate police officers
  • Safely and securely report incidents
  • Access your federal and states rights
  • View crime and safety information in your local area


We offer a holistic approach that starts with the assumption that law enforcement, and the residents that they protect and serve, are part the same community.Think for your local police department.


Report an Incident

We want credit to land where it is due. Civility features a unique officer rating system, giving members an outlet to commend police officers for extraordinary work in the community. In addition, this rating system, and the incident report that follows, can be utilized to report on poor treatment and behavior that community members want to see changed.


My Area

In addition to mapping police interactions and outcomes collected by CivilityApp users, My Area features a layered map, allowing users to explore incidents of crime, and police interactions in their local area.


Get Legal Help

The Civility App makes legal resources, including legal aid and local attorney listings readily available to users.


Rights Education

Users of The Civility App have easy access to documents that outline their legal rights. This easy to use interface allows for users to search for their specific rights and protections, filtered by their citizenship status and state of residence.


Understanding Civility

Founder and CEO Pitches the Civility App in China to eager investors!

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