Your bike.
When you
need it.

It is as simple as that.

Let’s find out more, scroll down with your mouse
Let’s find out more,
scroll down with your mouse

Touch & lock

With a simple touch you can lock your bike and activate Velotrack’s security system to prevent from stealing it.

Try it!
Try it!

Get notified

Velotrack sends a notification when
someone has touched your bike.
You are too late getting back to your bike, and it was stolen already? Don’t worry, just activate the Stolen mode, and track & catch the thief.

Get notified
Built in alarm. Distract the thief!
Built in alarm.
Distract the thief!

Go for it

We designed Velotrack’s Stolen mode to give you some handy tools to recover your bike as quickly as possible.

Power | Know how much energy left in your Velotrack unit
Alarm | Turn on the alarm, and distract the thief
Map | See your and your bike’s position
Call | Notify someone or the police about the steal
Worst case scenario tools.
Worst case scenario tools.

your rides

Want to know where you’ve been riding yesterday, but your phone wasn’t there? No problem. Velotrack records your route without any mobile device via its built in on-board-unit.

Keep an eye
on the kids

It is really hard to keep an eye on the kids when they riding, isn't it? Now it’s easier than ever with Velotrack’s Family check function.

Try it!
Try it!


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