Your health and wellbeing in ways that go beyond.

Getting you fit and get you back on your feet, that’s what makes us specialists in you.

Personal Training

Are you seeking specialist advice on how to reach your health goals? One-to-one sessions with one of our qualified personal trainers could help.

Specialists in You

Perhaps you’re looking for extra motivation to reach a particular goal, you want to build confidence in the gym, or you need support coming back to exercise?  Whatever your physical condition or personal goals, one-to-one sessions with our dedicated trainers can help you.

Services Included:

  • Set realistic but challenging goals
  • Track your physical progress
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Change your body composition
  • Discover extra motivation and confidence.

You owe yourself this moment

You’re in safe hands with our industry accredited, professional personal trainers. They’re also all qualified to carry out our unique Health MOT, which is the best way to establish a starting point for your health and fitness journey.

Wellbeing Trainers

Ideal for beginners and getting started with your journey.

  • Qualified to train you to high industry standards.
  • Skilled in planning bespoke programmes.
  • Experienced in delivering fun, engaging sessions.
  • Able to educate you in health and wellbeing.

Senior Wellbeing Trainers

Ideal for more specific fitness and wellbeing needs.

  • Qualified in movement screening
  • Experts in mobility issues
  • Trained to address weakness or tightness in the body
  • Experienced in delivering advanced programming to suit both short and longer term goals.

Why choose us?

Boston Natural Products is one of the leading  US healthcare organization, looking after people for more than years.

Our quality and safety

Ensuring the safety of our patients, clients and our own staff is vital toBoston Natural Products and the governance systems that we have in place are guided by one principle – quality matters.

There is an active safety and quality programme in place across all services provided by Boston Natural Products. This is audited and the outcomes are monitored at every level of the organisation. This means that on the rare occasions when things don’t go to plan, we’ll put them right and learn the lessons to improve future services.

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