Working with AWS VPC


This simple photo upload program was part of the cloud computing course that I am taking this semester. It utilises a VPC to separate the MySQL database from the web tier, allowing for an extra layer of security. VPC is a private network that allows the user to design the network layout, controlling traffic coming in and out. Best of all you can try it free for a year (as long as you stick to the free tier restrictions).

This program also utilises the PHP SDK to upload  and view photos from a S3 bucket. In all, setting up the VPC and the RDS for the first time is probably the trickier bit compared to the actual coding.

Noodling around with Angular

One of the platforms out there to help you build modern web applications is Angular. Without going into too much detail, it’s sort of like lego putting together the various components and modules.

Modifying an application that I built with the help of a tutorial, I was able to put together this online menu. You can get started with Angular by checking out their reunitable


Lessons from Quincy et al

I was fortunate enough recently to listen to a talk from Quincy Larson – the founder of freecodecamp. For some reason in my head I had this image of a kinda pretentious guy in a suit giving a cliche motivational speech. In actual fact he turned out to be the total opposite – a super down to earth guy in sweat pants with a great story to tell. The main takeaway message I took from his talk was to code everyday, and it’s such simple and obvious concept that can often be under-appreciated.

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Lessons from Clean Code

Getting better at code is like any skill – push out those reps and code often. However, reading a good book or getting some guidance from someone with more experience can help you work smarter and level up your game.

Here’s a few simple but important things I learnt from the first few chapters of Clean Code by Robert C. Martin.

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ShipOnline is an uninspiringly named website that I developed as part of a web applications development course at uni. As the name suggests, it is a website for a courier service that allows the user to make delivery requests. The site uses only html and php to store and retrieve data on the server via MySQL queries.

I have uploaded the project pretty much unchanged except for some css to brighten it up a little. As you’ll be able to see, there are several issues with ShipOnline, mainly the fact that it’s about as secure as a lock made out of paper mache or a house of cards.

Firstly, we’re passing user information through the url which probably isn’t the best idea. Furthermore, the user side, business logic, and database are not adequately separated, which leads to a system that is hardly robust. Nonetheless, despite its shortcomings, I have learnt a little about security and also had the opportunity to practice some basic php.


Speech Controlled Car

Following on from Speech Synthesizer, Speech Controlled Car uses the Speech API’s speech recognition function to control the speed of the car. As for the background image, I used ms paint to whip up this work of art, and applied animation using the p5.js library.

As this program requires access to the user’s microphone, I was forced to do some research into getting a SSL certificate that would allow chrome to run it. I will outline how I did this in a subsequent post for those who are also using AWS to host their site. You can find out more information on the Speech API here.

Speech Controlled Car

Back to school 2

Continuing on from the previous back to school post, I will outline some of the cons of taking the higher education route.

My main gripe with university is some of the teaching leaves a lot to be desired as many lecturers seem disinterested and as though they would rather be in their offices checking their email inboxes. Having been involved with education in the past and having an interest in the topic of teaching, it is apparent that some lecturers may be brilliant knowledge wise, but not so great at guiding students through the labyrinth that is learning to code. That being said, tutors tend to be great resources and more connected with the struggles of a student.


Speech Synthesizer

I was feeling a bit lonely and needed someone to talk to (no thx siri) so I decided to test out the Web Speech API – namely the speech synthesis function. The results were surprisingly good and you can even try out different accents for a bit of a chuckle if that’s your thing. For further info, check out the Mozilla web docs where they have a several examples to refer to. Next, I’ll be testing out the speech recognition tool.



Messing around with p5.js

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

After listening to a talk on creative programming at the junior dev Levels conf on the weekend, I decided to mess around with p5.js. Turns out it’s pretty easy to use and I was able to whip up this unspectacular rotating cube.

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