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Here you will be able to discover a lot about us. You can find our history, how we started and how we have arrived at our present location. You can also see our past productions and as we continue to develop this site more about the people involved.

You may have arrived here because you are interested in getting involved. A production requires many different skills from designing scenery, painting, construction, sewing to name but a few. Oh yes and we do require performers! It doesn't matter if you are skilled or not we welcome anyone with a desire to join in. You may have come to book tickets in which case welcome, look at the shows listed above and click on which ever you require and follow the instructions. Any problems there is a contact number to call. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

If we have stirred your curiosity then join us on facebook. There you will find out about our activities. We make regular visits to the Hippodrome in Bristol and anyone can join us you don't have to be part of the company. Well here is a good place to mention we do not have a joining fee, our motto is 'no membership just friendship' and that is how we function.

Come along, join us and see who we are and what we get up to, looking forward to making your acquaintance.


Our numbers both on stage and in the audience are rising, costs are also rising, but you don't need me to tell you that. We are constantly looking for the most cost effective way of producing a quality show and if you feel you could sponsor a part or complete show please contact us. We can offer publicity both in print and on line.

Joining the fun

If you are visiting this site looking for something to be involved in look further in to find all the areas in which you could participate. The one you will not find is sewing. That is because we have only just returned to creating our own costumes as far as possible. If you would be willing to assist with this please let us know.
If you have time to spare please contact any of the committee
or please send an email to 706-325-1338 / phone 01458 831317