NEOMET has developed a suite of metals extraction processes that are energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and have the highest metal value recovery in the mining industry today.

Neomet’s technologies are based on principles of being Environmentally Sustainable and Economically Viable, recognizing the need to maximize value-metal recovery from the dwindling resources of our planet, while at the same time being socially and environmentally responsible.

nickel laterite
The application of Neomet’s nickel laterite recovery process is A HOT TOPIC among mineral resource managers. They have been searching for an alternative to the high pressure acid leaching systems of the past. Now, they see A FUTURE OF SUCCESS WITH NEOMET!

Gold extraction
The Neomet process can effectively and efficiently treat carbonaceous, refractory, or free-milling ores and NEOMET IS MORE PROFITABLE than old-fashion recovery methods! Your mine will also reap greater recovery percentages at lower costs, and with better environmental results.
Vanadium Titanium
Conventional processing of titaniferous magnetite recovers only titanium and smaller amounts of vanadium as marketable products. NEOMET OFFERS MORE! The Neomet process will recover up to 95% of the vanadium, as well as any other minerals of value… which means GREATER EFFICIENCY & HIGHER PROFITS!