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  Translate your phone number into memorable words! 

We offer a unique service that will assist you in finding the perfect vanity telephone number and optionally perform a lookup to check toll free availability.  If you're looking for local or toll-free voicemail, virtual PBX, call forwarding, virtual assistant or 24/7 hotline, then you'll want to check out Ninja Number. Try our 7-day risk-free trial today!

Enter up to a 12 digit phone number to view a complete list of the words and phrases your number can spell. First we compare the digits entered against a dictionary to return the most interesting results.  But to make sure we haven't missed slang, abbreviations, or other desirable combinations we'll also compare the telephone number against a comprehensive list of pronounceable mnemonics.  Finally, on request, we'll check and see if the toll-free number is available.  Try it out and see!

Enter up to 12 digits or letters:   

Toll-Free Number Availability (takes a bit longer)

Enter a complete telephone number to see the words and phrases it spells
Enter letter/number combinations to see the corresponding phone number
Check to see if the specified toll-free number is available for your voicemail or 3367208826.

(Example) Enter "800holycow" or  Enter "8004659269". 

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