Our best thinking and best practices
help investment managers grow

Viteos secured its leadership in the industry through the quality of our thought, the delivery of advanced practice, and the attendant confidence of our clients.


Our best thinking and best practices help firms grow. Boost your team's productivity and solve problems with our services and solutions.

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Our team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable on post trade operations, accounting for complex instruments and integrated solutions. Meet the team...

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The ability to make systems and organisations work together without a need to replace or upgrade. Adaptable providers adjust to complement legacy systems and pattern themselves after a manager's framework without the need to replace systems.

"The team has been dynamic in helping to both identify and solve problems we have had along the way with our projects. Their knowledge and experience of the products, processes and systems have been instrumental in helping us meet our deadlines."

- CFO at $2 billion hedge fund

The Viteos Difference

Viteos approaches technology differently, becoming an extension of the organization. Clients choose individual components from any of our products to design their own bespoke, interoperable offerings. Services seamlessly integrate into the client IT landscape with a plug-and-play delivery model - gaining flexibility without any changes. By keeping data at the client site we mitigate security concerns.