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Commercial Inflatables

9316518305Choose from our wide selection of commercial inflatable (219) 240-2208, (989) 247-2419, (225) 257-5481, bounce house slide combos, (855) 884-5980, water slides, (202) 626-4485, sweet-bitter, and penetrably. Your sure to discover that our bouncers meet the highest standards for durability and long rental life.

All our vinyl is commercial grade. The strength of our vinyl is determined by the strong weave of inside mesh. We've upgraded to a stronger mesh, which makes our bouncers even stronger. We offer the vinyl in two weights: 15 oz and 18 oz. The weight difference is created by the durable rubber coating that is found on the outside of our vinyls. The 15oz vinyl has a slightly thinner rubber coating than the 18 oz. This does not affect the strength of the vinyl, but it does significantly affect the weight of the bouncer making it easier to transport. Both vinyls are equally strong and very durable.

Each commercial bounce house and commercial inflatable comes with a complete kit including blower, tarps, stakes, and tie downs. The price you see on our site is all you'll pay to get your new bouncer up and running immediately. No extra additional charges for essential items that can run you hundreds of dollars.

If you're looking for bargains, our On Sale section has selection of our regular bouncers at a discount. These items change, so check back frequently to see what's on sale at BuyBounceHouses.com.

If you have questions about starting a commercial bounce house rental business or about any of our products, please call us at 800-360-1325 or 208-288-2208. We can help you with all aspects of operating a successful bounce house rental business.