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With Diamante Strategic Consulting’s powerful in house tools,

you can market to your target client without the hassles of third party marketing firm.

Our offshore platforms are state of the art and designed to generate

inbound real time leads for your business.

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You’ll be able to target businesses based on pre-existing segments that are based on coupon usage or location of the potential customer.

With a built-in A/B testing feature, Diamante Strategic Consulting generates up to 2x the click and up to 44% more orders than traditional email.



Diamante Strategic Consulting allows its users to drop voicemail messages directly in to a phone voicemail box without ever ringing their line. 96 % people of all listen to their voice mail. We also have a wide selection of professional voices for a effective message that calls your potential client to action. Drop a Ringless Voice Mail “RVMD” message directly in a phones voice mail box with out ever ringing the phone. We can drop up to 250,000 messages per hour.


Every B2B marketer should open up to the idea of SMS text message marketing . It has myriad benefits that all business owners should consider for their marketing strategies and sales follow up strategies.

SMS advertising generates a 87% exposure rate for your Business Advertisement. It’s an excellent way to reach out to a large group of businesses who have oped in to learn more about your product. SMS campaigns are a cost effective way to launch a marketing website by driving traffic to your site within hours.


The metrics in this chart are based off a count of 10 calls, messages, and email. Based of the information in the chart one direct marketing platform can drive traffic to emails, landing pages, social media and websites in a matter of hours.

  • VoiceBroadCasting
  • RinglessVoiceMail
  • TexT
  • LiveTransfer
  • Email
  • A.I Transfer

For the business owner that is tired of hiring sales, and lead generation reps. We have a solution for you we are please to announce our off shore call room up to 150 reps all have been trained in phone sales. These agents have been to school and trained for mass phone campaigns. Phone rooms are available for consumer, business and non profit campaigns. Post and inquiry and we will respond with a time for a free phone consultation.

Hire our team and sit back and let the deals roll in.

Artificial Intelligence.

For generating real time transfers:

We are leasing this state-of-the-art software to end users; all calls must be prepaid to fund your account. Merchants are responsible for sanitization and scrubbing of their own data thus the merchant will be liable for any D.N.C.’s or T.C.P.A. infractions or the like. Our tech’s will train the end users over a 2-day period. Upon funding the account, we will provide a log-in and training. This training will include how to use the system, upload merchants’ own data, campaign set up and complete system control. Merchants’ will be able to scale volume very easily along with campaign hours, and delivery dates. Current clients are closing around 1.5-3% so with that being said, this system works best pushing volume. We can provide the script for any of these verticals for potential clients to review and approve before moving forward. The minimum for any of the following verticals would be 500 leads @ 100 per day:


Health Insurance:

Auto Warranty:

Student Loan:

Home Security:

Pain Cream:

Rehab / Addiction:

Merchant Cash Advance:

***Data not included ***

StandardPrice List Menue

Get all 4 Services Monthly with each package. One time setup fee for custom platforms call now and speak with a specialist about your budget needs.

Initial Fee

  • $5 phone number;
  • 2 Recorded Voices $75;
  • 1 Landing Page $475 each;
  • Priority Support
  • Setup Consulting $1,250
Message Package

  • 50,000 Credits
  • 5 Phone numbers
  • 50,000 RVMD minutes or SMS
  • Priority Support
  • $2,500 per month


Implementing your marketing campaign begins with understanding your target audience at the greatest level of resolution possible, then using the right tools and strategies to place your vision before them. While doing so in the most cost effective manner possible.  Our team contains the necessary development experience utilizing cutting edge technology to provide your solutions at industry leading pricing.  Everything begins in an initial consultation geared toward providing the right mix of automated systems targeting the preferred customer that is both qualified and willing to purchase your services and/or products.

Our Team at Diamante Strategic Consulting S.R.L. Works for You!


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