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The Federal Lands Transportation Institute (FLTI) is housed within the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) at Montana State University-Bozeman. The FLTI works collaboratively across all of WTI's research areas to provide implementable transportation solutions for federal and public agencies that have responsibilities related to public land management, transportation, and resource protection, including:

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➢ Our bi-weekly training e-blast provides a list of upcoming training events. An archive of the most recent eblast can be found (631) 833-7494.

➢ TRIPTAC has released their computer based training called "Guidebook & Standards: Resources to help solve bicycle & pedestrian challenges on federal lands", click 6787159786.


➢ Two featured resources include (1) The National Park Service Congestion Management Toolkit which can be found here and (2) the Alternative Transportation System Business Models Decision Support Tool which can be found here.