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Whoever you are, Wherever you find yourself, Whenever it may be. We provide financial services to keep you financially included in a secured way. Bringing global financial technologies to your finger tips.

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Cashbreeze believes in building the African economy from the ground up. Our mission is to use our services to drive Financial Inclusion, heading towards a cashless society for all.

"When we include everyone, We will have a better economy with a better managed financial sector at all levels." Olamigoke Olabampe (Founder, Cashbreeze).

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Cashbreeze provides you with diverse services, Register and gain access to all. Cashbreeze can be accessed through USSD, Web, APIs and whatsapp (coming soon).


*Create onetime payment codes to receive money, you dont have to share your bank account details with everyone to receive money again.
*Receive money directly into your wallet through your phone number.
*Create virtual bills to receive money.
*Create payment web pages to receive money.

Send Money

*Send money to bank accounts from wallet.
*Send money from wallet to wallet.
*Track able cash provides you with means to track how funds was spent. This is useful for giving children money, errands, at a large scale project management.(Coming Soon)

Buy Airtime

Buy Airtime at 1.5% percent discounts from Cashbreeze wallet.
Cashbreeze giving back to the community to drive Financial Inclusion.


Manage your business better with transaction data tailored for your needs. Cashbreeze provides different means of accessing your transaction data ranging from sms micro reports, email reports, graphical representations e.t.c. Be assured We have the one just for you.

Merchant Integration (APIs)

Integrate with us via APIs to get access to various cashbreeze services on your platform.
Get access to Cashbreeze users financial data upon their approval for use on your platform for financial analysis like credit worthiness e.t.c.


We provide 24/7 support for users and merchants using our platform. Contact us through any of the channels provided in the contact us section.

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Lagos, Nigeria.


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