App Features

Smile Radar provides a simple yet innovative platform for advancing dentistry worldwide.

Auto Reminder

Patient receives a reminder to sends an updated photo every 14 days.

Doctor Decides

Doctor has the option of accepting or rejecting the photo based on clarity.

RX Progress

Clinician can monitor changes by overlaying successive photos.

Social Media Friendly

Patient gets easy access to practice info along with social media profile that they can share with friends.

Optimises Resources

Saves patients time and resources by avoiding redundant clinic visits.

Marketing on Social Media

Aids practice brand building on Social Media by sharing post Rx results.

Instructions for Use

We strive to make your dental treatment more efficient by allowing your dental clinician to receive accurate photos of your teeth.

  • Patient Downloads App
  • Links up with Doctor by scanning QR code or by entering Radio Frequency
  • Doctor accepts tracking request
  • Doctor adds patient's Initial portrait that will be posted on post RX banner
  • Patient receives notification to send photo every 14 days
  • Clinician reviews photos and monitors treatment progress
  • Patient finishes treatment
  • Doctor takes post RX portrait and shares treatment results with Patient


Smiles Being Tracked


Dentists Using This App



Shares Of Post RX Results



Trips Saved To Dentist

See A Video

A simple tutorial on how to place the cheek retractor courtesy of SNO 32 whitening.

Cheek Rectractor

Smile-Radar can be used with most generic C-type Cheek retractors. However, we suggest using our autoclavable retractors with coloured reference lines. These lines make it easy for patients to understand how to use the retractor and click accurate photos. You can buy these retractors from our international service providers.

Screenshot Gallery

The elegant and intuitive interface of the app makes it easy to use and brings together essential features beneficial to dental clinicians and patients alike.


‘What users say about our App’

testimonial thumb

‘Smile Radar has helped us reduce treatment time and increased the number of referrals coming in because of patients sharing their treatment results with friends on instagram.’

Dr. Prem Nanda, Dubai, UAE
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‘After using this App, my patients have become more compliant with elastics and maintain good oral hygiene.’

Dr. Andreas Schlimpert, Berlin, Germany
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‘ I am able to monitor my aligner patients with ease and call them in only when IPR is required.

Dr. Debasis Basuri, Dubai, UAE

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