personalization AUGEN - Onsite Personalization

Next generation of onsite personalization

From home page to checkout end to end personalized journey.

Unlimited personalization widgets using,

  • 1. Dynamic Behavioral Customer Segmentation
  • 2. Natural Language Processing
  • 3. Predictive Analytics

Omni Channel Campaigning PROGNOSE - Omni Channel Campaigning


Based On Individual Predictions & Dynamic Behavioral Segments.

Individual Offers To Every Customer,

  • 1. On All Channels
  • 2. As Mobile Push
  • 3. On Site And In Email

Case Study

Of One Online Retailer Business of 2016

over 50% contribution
Over 50% Contribution
Onsite Personalization
upto 5X conversion rate using onsite personalization
Upto 5X Conversion Rate
Upto 10X Conversion Rate
Life Time Customer Value
upto 6 time more revenue per session of retailreco
Upto 6 Times More Revenue
Get 100x Return on Investment


Everything you wanted to know

About your store
customer analytics
About your customers
product analytics
About your products

Our Technology

artificial intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence
machine learning
Machine Learning
predictive analytics
Predictive Analytics
natural language processing (NLP)
Natural Language Processing

Key Benefits

Achieve Better Sales
10% improvement in revenue per visitor with RetailReco's Patent pending predictive intelligence based personalization technology
Rich & Effective Personalization
Predictive intelligence offers personalized experiences to visitors
Better Return On Investment
Improved Revenue by up to 50% with 100x ROI post deployment
Plug'n' Play & Rapid deployment
Hassle free deployment to make your online store more intelligent
Deeper Consumer Analytics & Understanding
Understand the consumer buying behavior through more meaningful data and actionable insights
Improved Consumer Engagement & Seamless Product Discovery
Seamless discovery of products creates more Up Sell & Cross Sell opportunities on your online store

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