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Layoffs? Cutbacks? Fewer people in your office to help? Don't worry, we're here for you. Put ProofreadNOW to work today!

Our experienced professionals thoroughly proofread your English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese documents in as little as ONE HOUR. We can do basic proofreading of your camera-ready or printer-ready files. But we can go beyond minimal proofreading when necessary. Our “clarity” service ensures that your document is mistake-free, clear, readable, and professional. Our “style” service ensures your message is polished and compelling.

We handle anything in print, from the following list or whatever you have:
    • Advertisements
    • Analysis Reports
    • Annual Reports
    • Arbitration Settlements
    • Ballots
    • Briefs
    • Brochures
    • Business Plans

    • Contracts
    • Direct Mail
    • E-mail Marketing Text
    • Flyers
    • Legal Work
    • Magazines
    • Manuals
    • Manuscripts

    • Press Releases
    • Prepress Templates
    • Proposals
    • Questionnaires
    • Term Sheets
    • Warrants
    • Web Pages
    • White Papers

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Why ProofreadNOW?

  1. Every document is processed by at least two certified editors. We find more errors this way. This greatly increases our precision and consistency. Your documents end up in perfect shape.

  2. We don't make the assumptions that you and your in-house people make. Our editors are new to your documents; their eyes are fresher.

  3. Our service is ready at a moment's notice. Today's economy is putting pressure on your downsized staff. We'll do what they did, but we'll do it faster...and better.

  4. We're committed to privacy and security. We don't use e-mail to transmit documents. Instead, we use a well-designed, securely encrypted portal for sending and receiving documents. All proofreaders sign nondisclosure agreements. Your document security and corporate privacy are preserved at every step in our process. You would be amazed to know the companies and agencies that use our service for highly confidential, security-oriented documents. But because of who they are, you'll NEVER know!

  5. You will love our service or it's free. We offer a 100% guarantee: your satisfaction.

  6. We're fast, accurate, and agile. Our prices are fair and reasonable, and because we have so many editors at work all around the world, we can handle any volume.

  7. We'll incorporate your style guide and work to your specifications. Your house style is preserved in all your documents. We’ll even set up a dedicated team of proofreaders for your company. Consistency, tone, and style—in-house quality, outsourced convenience.

  8. We work to well-known standards, including CMS, AP, APA, AMA, or Garner (for legal forms). Your documents are clear, precise, and accurately edited.

  9. We're open 24/7. Your documents are usually ready for you sooner than you expect.

  10. Our satisfied client list reads like the Fortune 500. You're in good company when you use ProofreadNOW.

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