What is GRAPHC?

The National Centre for Geographic Resources & Analysis in Primary Health Care at ANU

GRAPHC promotes and facilitates the use of geographical information systems (GIS) to inform locally relevant and equitable solutions for targeting health resources and services in Australia. GRAPHC aims to meet the needs of Australian Health Research by providing and maintaining research resources: Spatially attributed Health and Demographic Data, Spatial Analyses, On-line Interactive Mapping Systems, Privacy & Confidentiality protection for precision location data, etc.

GRAPHC's vision:
To enhance the capacity of health services, by using geographically based tools, methods, data and web-based mapping platforms to support research into primary health care issues.

GRAPHC: Access to Maps, Data, Information & Tools

Established:  2011 / Updated:  Dec 2018 / Responsible Officer:  704-986-3979 /Page Contact:  GRAPHC Web Services