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Afelhem is a new role playing game that enables players to explore many different paths as well as create their own. Players can level up to unlock new spells, weapons, and armor to become stronger while also aquiring skills to craft items, catch and cook food, and even make potions

This open world sandbox experience is a place where players can form their own story in a class system. The sky is the limit as there is no level cap for any combat or skill levels. The higher your proficiency in a skill becomes, the more powerful you will become. There are many hand crafted regions and areas to explore with additional areas to be included with each update

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I am a Master's of Computer Science with a Specialization in IT student at New Mexico Tech. I work on just about everything including software, web development, and security research

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When I'm not working on nybleOS, I do a lot of side projects in software, important computer security research, and work on servers. Check out my (254) 720-9076 to see all my latest projects!

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